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I have been seeing bloggers, vloggers and Youtubers with this WhitewithStyle teeth whiting product and I had to try it.

Here is my first thought on the product.

Is it really possible for a teeth whiting product to be 90% off? Does it actually work?

What the product entails?

Each kit includes 1 syringe (10cc) of Teeth Whitening Gel which is good for 10 treatments, set of custom trays, mini blue light to activate gel with batteries, shade guide, vitamin E swabs and a variety flavors you can choose from. It is sensitivity free, made in the USA, it is a FDA registered facility, contains 99% Kosher, it's BPA Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan and Gluten Free.

Pros that I have noticed:

1. The obvision one is the price. Where on earth you can find a teeth whiter for about $26.99? Aww....nowhere!
2. It gives you a feel of getting at home professional teeth whiting.

Cons that I have noticed:

1. It did not give me up to "seven shades whiter", more like 1 1/2 shades whiter.
2. I ordered cotton candy flavor and I must say, I tasted NOTHING!!
3. It is not as sensitive as they claim. I experienced tooth ache after use (the second time I tried only).


Is it worth buying? What might not work for me might work for you. So I say try it, it's only about $30. If you don't like it then don't use it again.

I however prefer going to my dentist and get the whiting I want, it's more safer and it last longer.

Verdict: Fail but worth the experience!

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