DIY Coconut Lip Scrub

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The change in seasons can make our lips super dry, especially when it is coming close to the summer or winter periods. It is important to keep your lips plumped and smooth, whether you are a guy or girl. This simple recipe is one of my favorite and super effective and totally natural and healthy.

Benefits of each ingredients on the lips:

  • Brown Sugar: can draw moisture out of the environment and can impart it into the lips. This means that it can act as a natural moisturizer. It exfoliates to help break down the dead skin cells and remove them. Lastly, brown sugar is so cheap and you will save so much money by making your own homemade brown sugar scrub.
  • Coconut Oil: has moisturizing power; it absorbs into the skin fast and treat chapping lips. It can treat cold sores because it has antiviral properties.
  • Raw Honey: contains some natural agents, like antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrients. They hydrate, cleanse, and nourish your lips perfectly. Use honey every day on the lips before going to bed and notice in the morning that your lips have turned into suppler and bigger. It also moisturizes your lips too.


3tbsp Brown Sugar
2 tsp Coconut Oil 
1 tsp Raw Honey
2 gel capsule Vitamin E 
5 drops Essential Oil (optional)

- Pop the capsules and squeeze out the vitamin e oil in a bowl.
- Combine all ingredients and mix.   
- Store in an airtight container.

NB/ Make sure your scrub does not come in contact with any water or it will promote mold growth.

Disclaimer: Try recipe on a small area of your lips to see if your skin will get irritated. I am in no way responsible for any allergic reaction. Use at your own risk.

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