How to throw a Mother's Day Dinner Party

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Being a mother is one of the hardest but enjoyable jobs there is. You being a mother simply means you are selfless, you are everyone's shoulder to cry on, the one who has the answers to all life's problems and who will love no matter what.

This post is dedicated to all mothers.

1. Planning

When planning your mother's day dinner party, you must figure out the time and location. Knowing when you are going to have the party with determine if it is formal or informal or if it is breakfast, bunch, lunch or dinner. Figuring out where you are planning on have your party will give you an idea on if you want to add a venture cost on the budget or not.

Planning your guest list is very important in knowing who you want at your party, how much you are catering for, the budget for the food and drinks, the space you need and an estimate time you need to prepare for the party. Keep in mind that the idea of a dinner party is intimacy so your guest list should be about 8-12 persons.       

2. Invitations (optional)

Depending on who you plan you are inviting to the dinner party will determine whether or not you want to do invitations. You can go virtual invitations or sent it through the mail.

3. Table Setting

The table setting is essential in showing your guest the theme of the party. This is your canvas so be creative and try something unique and fun and decorate with your mom's style in mind.

When doing your centerpiece make sure that it is low enough for your guest to communication freely across the table.

Set your table early in the day so that you will not rush decorating and setting up before your guest arrives. Keep in mind that you don't have to have matching settings, mix-and-match dishes can be cute, chic, creative and collective.


For more table setting ideas, click here.

4. Seating Assignments (optional)

Seating assignments can help in making the conversations at the party flow more natural by pairing persons together with the same interests, good to start family gossip dramas and playing a bit of match making.


Assigning seats can give you the opportunity to do some DIY with the placement cards and give your table setting a more fancy and chic look to it.

5. Menu Plan

The type of food and drinks you serve at your party will determine the type pf party it is, whether it is formal, informal or semi-formal or if it is a bunch, lunch or dinner party.

Make sure that you ask your guest ahead of time if they have any dietary restrictions and food allergies.  Make food that you are comfortable with and don't stress about trying something new. You don't have to make a five course meal but you can make a simple two or three course meal that is delicious. Keep in mind that it is your mother's day, so try to prepare food that she will enjoy.

Keep sure that you have the option of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for your guest.  

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