Guest Post: Surviving Your Camping Trip With The Kids

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Author's Bio (Dave McDonald): Growing up in a rural area, Dave has always had an appreciation for the outdoors. After years of city living, having children has reminded him of what is really important in life. Find him online sharing his passion for the great outdoors!

Going on a camping trip with the family is a great time for family bonding. But most of the children today are difficult to pry from their electronic devices. Okay, you were able to convince them to join you. Your next challenge is to survive the camping trip where children can become cranky for missing their favorite games and videos.

For first-timers, start with a short trip. Let the kids have a feel for camping with a weekend trip that is not too far from home. Do not bore them with a long road trip.

Remember that each family member is an individual. Your kids will enjoy going out of their comfort zone if you consider the amenities. If they are active, look for a campsite where you can go swimming and hiking. Find a campsite with running water, toilets and other amenities for the family member who is not willing to give up some conveniences.
Ensure that everyone will have a good night's sleep with the right type of gear. Invest in durable tents. Practice tent assembly weeks before your trip so you wouldn't be fumbling once you reach the campsite.

Planning ahead is important. You do not want your kids to find fault in your planning skills. Reserve a campsite, organize meals and pay the required permits ahead of time. Being organized allows you to focus on having an enjoyable time. Make it fun by adding games and contests.

Teach your kids to enjoy the outdoors. Go with them to discover insects, birds and plants. Allow them to stay awake beyond their regular bedtime to gaze at stars. Find out more tips to make camping an enjoyable trip for you and your kids with this infographic and make them look forward to the next one.

Surviving A Camping Trip...With The Kids!!

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