Guest Post: 6 Ingenious Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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Most people get frustrated about their small bathrooms. If you are tired of the congested space and the continuous struggle for squeezing out storage space, follow our tips on how to remodel your tiny bathroom. No matter how small the room is, these remodeling ideas will transform it into a stylish and space-efficient space. They will also help your bathroom look visually bigger so that you don’t have to feel like being trapped in a congested space.

Image source: Suzanne Olsen Design

Use the Same Tiles on the Floor and Walls. It’s a brilliant trick to make a space look bigger than it is. Using tiles of similar pattern and color on the floor and the walls will create the feeling of a long space without any visual interruption. If you use different types of tiles in various colors on the areas, they will break up the bathroom into separate smaller areas, making the room feel boxed in. If you can’t keep the tiles in a matching pattern, keep them in the same color. It will give the bathroom a light and airy feel.

However, if the color seems too neutral or if you use natural stones instead of tiles, spice up the place with vivid color pops with your towels, mirror frames, medicine cabinet, and other accessories. It’s a budget-friendly way to add personality to your bathroom.

Image source: Rasmussen Architects

Use Wall Panel Wainscoting. A partial wall panel wainscoting in the bathroom will add to the overall appearance. Many people consider it as a traditional décor element, but different types of wainscoting styles have made their way into modern bathroom designs.

Use wainscoting panels on the lower half of the walls and see how it makes your bathroom shine with a pleasing look. You can keep its color similar or contrasting to the rest of the color palette.

Image source: Douglas Huston Estate Agents

Wallpaper to Create an Impact. Creating visual interest is a proven trick to draw the eyes from the small space. A statement wallpaper is the perfect prop for this job and also for hiding if there’s any ugly spot on the walls. 

Choose an exciting or bold print to maximize the impact. However, if the color of the room is mostly neutral, wallpaper with muted tones will also create enough visual interest. Another thing to remember is that the wallpaper should be rated for coping with damp and warm conditions. If you’re using it behind the basin, use a sheet of Perspex as a splash back to prevent water ruining the wallpaper.

Image source: Morph Interior Ltd

Characterize with Color. A hefty dose of color can add personality and energy to a place. If your bathroom feels clinical and characterless due to the white or a neutral color palette, patches of bright colors can add vibrancy to the room and create a real wow factor.

Many people feel hesitant about using bright colors in a small bathroom thinking that it will make the place more cramped. On the contrary, a heart dose of bright colors will only make the place look visually attractive.   

Accessorize around a Theme. Sometimes it’s not possible to do a makeover of your entire bathroom because it’s either a budget issue or you are living in a rental apartment. In that case, adding accessories might be the answer. However, just don’t bring random accessories and make the place overcrowded. Choose a theme – floral, coastal, or monochrome – and create that theme with mirrors, lighting, small accessories, and furnishings.

Trendy ideas are easy to implement, and you can stay on-budget if you are careful.

Image source: Sandy Hill Construction Ltd.

Mirror up the Space. Using a mirror in a small space is probably one of the most commonly used tricks in the handbook of the interior designers. However, the method is useful as mirrors can create an impression of space by reflecting light. If you can place it correctly, it will almost double up the square footage visually.

If your wall space is at a premium, use mirrored fixtures and fittings such as a glass shower door or a crystal clear basin. These remodeling ideas will brighten up your small bathroom with character, personality, and style without crossing your budget. Just remember not overdoing anything as it may leave the place with no breathing space!

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