Guest Post: How to Keep Your Dog's Coat Beautiful Through Good Nutrition

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While many dog owners perceive grooming as simply buying the necessary dog accessories to maintain their dog’s overall physical cleanliness, it goes much further than that.

Grooming is about caring for your dog’s health as much as it is about their physical appearance. A glossy coat does more than just keep your furry friend looking at their tip-top best. A dog’s coat is also an overall indicator of its health.

It’s a protective barrier from the outdoor elements, foreign contaminants, and pesky critters looking for a home. A coat that’s losing its shine or luster can’t just be treated with baths or brushing. It may be a symptom of poor nutritional intake more than poor grooming. If your dog is presenting symptoms of dull and dry fur, it may be time to look at her diet.

Want to keep your dog looking its furry best? These superfoods ensure a healthy and beautiful dog coat.

Essential fatty acids

Healthy fats are essential to a nutritious diet. While dogs can produce certain fatty acids they need, some must be obtained through their diets. Top-quality dog food will have these essential fatty acids.

It’s important your dog receives a balanced intake of these essential fatty acids. Fatty acids do more than promoting robust skin and coat health. It also promotes healthy growth in developing immune systems, enables proper development of their eyes, prevents certain cardiac problems, and slows the development of certain cancers.


Proteins such as eggs, almonds, and peanut butter are nutritional powerhouses. Plus, what dog can resist a generous spoonful of peanut butter?

       Eggs especially are an important ingredient for promoting great skin and coats.

Considered by many as the number one food for hair, eggs contain lutein and biotin, which helps give dog’s lustrous and strong coats. Not to mention, both promote healthy coats, keeps skin well-hydrated, and improves necessary tissue repair.

A deficiency in biotin may result in hair loss and skin irritation.

       Other good protein sources to introduce to your dog’s diet are liver and canned or cooked wild salmon.

As nutrient-rich proteins, liver and salmon enhances skin health, supports the immune system, and may be beneficial to dogs with allergies.

It’s important to note though that dogs should never be fed raw salmon. Raw salmon may contain a parasite that can be harmful to your dog’s health. To avoid making your dog sick, cook the salmon beforehand or serve her salmon oil.


Fiber often plays a secondary role when it comes to a dog’s diet, but it can be one of the most beneficial nutrients to a dog’s overall well-being.

While not an essential nutrient in a dog’s diet, fiber offers numerous health benefits. It promotes healthy weight management, aids in the treatment of diarrhea and constipation, and supports good colon health and the management of diabetes mellitus in dogs.

Another benefit of adding fiber, primarily oats, is its ability to promote healthy skin and coat. As oats are low in starch and high in mineral content, they’re a good source of soluble fiber which has been shown to enrich coats.

Fruits & Vegetables

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but in a dog’s diet, the best kind of fruits and vegetables to promote healthy coats are cranberries and sweet potatoes.

       Cranberries contain some serious antioxidant power. A variety of bioactive components such as phytochemical ellagic acid, proanthocyanidins, and anthocyanin antioxidants contribute to the prevention of certain skin cancers, growth and repair of body tissues, and brings nourishment to the cells.

       Sweet potatoes contain a high level of beta-carotene which makes it a skin and coat superfood. It’s also a good source of vitamin E and C. These vitamins help maintain healthy skin and coats, helps in the production of collagen, and protects against environmental pollutants.

A balanced, nutritious diet can help ensure your dog maintains and grows a naturally elegant coat. But, that’s just the first step to having a dog with a lustrous coat. Proper grooming also includes following a regular bathing routine and brushing.

Seek out reputable commercial dog foods that offers an optimal balance of nutrients and proteins. Low-quality commercial dog food may reduce their optimal nutritional intake, limiting their ability to grow and develop a healthy skin and coat.

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