How to throw a Backyard Movie Party?

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Today is Father's Day! Happy Father's day to all the fathers, the mothers who play the father role and the guardians. This is a great way to spend time with your father after a long day.


1. Choose a movie

Depending on your target crowd, you will need to pick on type of movie then go on for there. My favorite type of movie to pick when
I'm doing a movie night with my friends or father is horror movie.

2. Send out your invitations

You can either send out a virtual invitation via text or email, which would do great for a modern day or futuristic movie theme. Or you can make cute invitations or passes and hand them out, which would be great for an old movie theme. Either way it's your party so do it how you want. 

3. Get a projector and a screen

If you do not own a projector, you can borrow or rent or even make your own (NB/ the DIY version of the projector will create a smaller screen than an actually projector). If you do not want to neither you can always purchase one whether it is an second hand form eBay or craigslist or you can buy one at an electronic store. (NB/ you can buy it online through E bates to get cash back on your purchase).

The easiest way to get a screen is using a white sheet or a white wall to display your movie. (NB/ using a white canvas painter drop cloth is better than using a regular sheet. You can purchase at your local hardware store.). To secure your sheet in place in case it gets a bit wind is to purchase some clamps from your local hardware store. You can also use a paint on screen or purchase or rent a screen. 

4. Prepare your snacks

How can you have a movie without popcorn, juice, candy and all that good stuff? But seriously the snacks at half of your viewing experience when you have a movie party! So make sure you have a mini movie buffet and don't forget water because popcorn can be salty. What I would do is recreate or purchase some of my father's favorite childhood snacks. 

5. Prepare seating  

The simplest thing to do is to figure out if you are going to provide seating for your party guest or let them bring their own seat. If you are going to provide seating you must figure out if you are going to have chairs or pillows and sheets or a mixture. Be creative with seating if you can. 

Remember to not over think it, the whole idea of a movie night is to have fun and relax. Happy Father's Day!  

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