4 Things to Avoid Using on Your Face

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YES! You want to make your Halloween makeup stay all night and be on fleek but avoid using these things on your face.

1. Hairspray

Most people use this to help their Halloween makeup stay/last all night but in truth this isn't healthy for your face. Hairsprays contain alcohol and lacquers that are drying for your skin which will result in skin irritated, your skin breaking out and your skin being dehydrated to the point of looking older.

2. Nail Polish

"Oh my I ran out of face paint! Oh well let be use my nail polish...". Stop! Put that nail polish down! It is ONLY for your nails. Nail polish can be drying to your face because it contains acrylic.

3. Hair Color

Just because it is safe for your hair on your head, doesn't mean it is smart to use it on your eyebrows or lashes. Yes I know it's Halloween and your custom can't be completed without that extra makeup but girl put the hair color down. If your want to color your eyebrows and eye lashes use a vegetable-based colorant or you can use a colored mascara or a soft liner. Hair color can irritant your skin around your eyes and burn your eyes.

4. Deodorant

It keeps your armpits from sweating but not your face! You can't put something that is made for your armpits and put it on your face. Yes, I know you don't want your makeup melting off in the middle of your Halloween party but deodorant! You want your skin to breathe, you might get some skin irritations plus a breakout if you use this on your face.

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