9 Budget Friendly Ways to Increase Your Home Value

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When thinking about selling or renting your home, you should try to increase the value with some cosmetic work. You don't have to spend a large sum to achieve this. Keep in mind that you will need to invest to see a large return.

The following are things you can do to increase the value of your home on a budget.

1. Give Your Wall A Fresh Coat of Paint

Give your wall a fresh coat of paint in a neutral trending color. You will not only give your home a fresh new feel but also update your home and increase your value drastically.  

2. Update Your Flooring

If you have outdated flooring from yesteryear or your flooring was introduction to your "friend" called stain then update it. You must be saying, "But that isn't budget friendly?". Shop wisely, use warehouse or cheap alternatives that at still modern and trendy.

Keep in mind that you should consider your target clients and cater to them. So if your demographic is persons making a monthly income of  six figures plus, then you should have a decent price, sleek and modern fixes and flooring.

3. Deep Clean Your House

Clean every crack, crevice and cranny. When you are done, you should be able to eat of the floors, in the bathroom, wherever. 

4. Buy Matching Front Panels For Your Appliances

Do you know what an sore eye it is to see that you dishwasher, fridge and oven are all different types of appliances? Why go out and purchase new appliances when you have that are in good working condition? Well here is a trick, just buy matching front panels so all of your appliances match.

5. Re-Caulk Your Sinks and Tubes

Why get a new sink or tub when the one you have is pretty fine and it is trendy, modern? Well you see a slightly lifting of the caulk or some discoloration, then RE-CAULK IT! And the best part is that you don't need a professional, You can do it yourself.

6. Update Your Cabinet Handles

By simply updating your cabinet handles to some fresh, modern, trendy ones will make the world of different.

7. Warranty Your Home

Who doesn't love coverage when destroy hits?

8. Spruces Up Your Curve Appeal

They always say that first impression last. Sprucing up your front yard will give your home the well deserved face lift is needs.

9. Update the Faucets.

By doing this, it will give any room a well deserves facelift and modernize the space instantly.

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