Guest Post: The Right Way To Straighten Your Hair

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Glossy, straight hair continues to be a leading trend in women's fashion today. You can get this stylish look by following these easy steps for straightening your hair the right way.
Wash and Blow Dry Your Hair
Before you straighten your hair, you should wash and dry it first. Use a high-quality shampoo that contains proteins and nutrients like Vitamin A. You also should use conditioner so that your hair strands are protected from damage like split ends and fraying.
You should also blow dry your hair, making sure that the roots are just as dry as the ends. Your hair must be completely dry if you want the straightening effects to hold in your hair throughout the day.
Section Your Hair
After you wash and blow dry your hair, you should then separate it into one to two inch sections around your head. Sectioning your hair allows you to straighten small portions at a single time.
It makes the task easier and also faster than if you tried to straighten larger portions together. You can separate each section using bands or bobby pins.
Use a High-Quality Straightener
It is also important that you use a straightener that will gently straighten your hair and also be safe to use. Poorer quality straighteners can overheat quickly and also fry your hair. They leave your hair looking frayed and damaged.
A good quality straightener will heat up gradually and not be too hot to handle as you work on your hair. It also will leave your hair looking smooth and glossy rather than dried out and frizzy.
The better quality straighteners tend to cost more than their cheaply made counterparts. However, you should spend a little extra if you want your hair to look beautiful and healthy after you straighten it.
Start at the Top
When you straighten your hair, it is important that you start at the roots and slowly make your way down to the tips. Place the straightener as close to the roots of each section of hair as possible. Allow the straightener to sit for a few seconds at the top of the section before slowly sliding it down to the tips of your hair.
Depending on how curly your hair is, you may need to go over each section of hair two or three times to get the straightened, flat look you want. After you straighten each section, you can lightly spray it with hairspray to maintain the appearance.
Use a Flat Paddle Brush to Finish

Once you straighten each section of hair, you should then brush it out to get the look you want. When you want to maintain the straightened appearance, it is important that you use a flat paddle brush.
A curved or round brush will add volume back into your hair and could coax your hair into curling or waving. A flat paddle brush will work with the straightened strands and help you maintain the glossy, sleek look you are going for when you straighten your hair.
These simple steps can help you get the straightened, stylish hairstyle that is so popular today among women. They also help you protect your hair without drying it out or otherwise damaging it during the process. By following these tips, you can straighten your hair effectively and safely.

Article is on behalf of FoxyBae. A new hair straightening brush that can make doing your hair easier and smooth. 

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  1. Great tips! as you mentionned the most important thing is that the hair must be completely dry before using the iron :)

    Claire From


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