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The more we get older the more we need to be responsible for the important adult stuff in our lives. It is hard, I can tell you that and it will take a lot of try and error on our part to "adulting". With these simple tips, you will be on the path to smooth sailing in no time.

Utilize Your Phone Usage

Your phone is a great to use to organize your time because it has a built in alarm system, reminders, a calendar, can use to make notes and To-Do List. It is especially beneficial because it can be password protected, for things you want to keep private.

Create Your Budget

Sit down and ask yourself what expanses do I have every month, whether it is for school, transportation, food, rent, phone bill, car maintenance and gas, pet bill, etc. Write down the estimate of what each of those may cost you monthly then add up all your necessities, the things you absolutely need and have to pay for, then take how much you make a month and subtract that. Whatever is left, you organize that into your saving, recreational activities, etc.
Organizing your budget will keep you on track of your finances.

Get a Calendar/Agenda

I love using wall calendars, especially for school and my blog scheduling. They easily show what I have schedule for the day, week or month and they are easily organized.

A calendar or agenda is great for getting organized with living a fit and healthy lifestyle. It gives you the able to plan your workouts and meals. You can even use them to make 3 or 6 month goals for yourself and continually check on your progress.

Get Yourself a Planner/Notebook

Using a planner or notebook is great for organizing the day to day run-ins of your life. It enables you to make schedules for your day, make to-do list,  grocery list, things you need to remember, passwords, organize your thoughts and ideas.

Invest in a Waterproof File/Folder

Use this to store all your important documents, from receipts to health papers to birth certificates to your pet documents to your car papers to your apartment papers to your tax papers. Any and everything that is important goes in here.  

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  1. I have a planner and it has everything in it, I find it so useful xx

    1. I know. I have become obsessed with planning layouts and such...

  2. Great tips on organizing. I like wall calendars!


  3. I love all of these tips! I am obsessed with my planner. I literally take it everywhere with me and if I don't, I feel so unorganized and anxious!

    1. I know. I literally have a special budget sheet just for everything to do with my planner.


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