Guest Post: How Good Night’s Sleep Is Linked to Our Happiness

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Sleep is one of the most important activities in the life of a person. However, several other benefits are associated with it than what people know. It is an essential activity that affects the sense of well-being and happiness. If you have been spending your sleeping time to do other things, there is a probability that you will not lead a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping has an impact on both physical and healthy living, and here are a few things that directly link your sleeping habits to your general contentment.

Work Productivity

When you become productive, whether at work or in your social life, the feeling of beatitude is automatic. Productive people also tend to attract individuals closer to them to tap on the productiveness. Therefore, getting enough sleeping hours at night ensures that you wake up feeling fresh and full of new ideas.

Productive people are likely to feel happy due to the achievements they bring about on a daily basis. If you are working in an organization, when you become productive, it makes the employer identify and reward your hard work. The recognition and reward will automatically trigger the sense of fulfilment. When you don’t get enough rest, it becomes so difficult to concentrate on even the basic skills.

Improves your Memory Capacity

An alert and clear brain helps you to learn, focus, be creative, and remember information. You function right and to the best of your ability when you rest properly. When you are sleepy, your memories tend to shut down and create an opportunity for you to be less productive and easy to make mistakes.

When you are in a healthy sleeping lifestyle, it's easy to take in information throughout the day. Additionally, a restful night helps you retain and process the information over a long time. This is because it triggers the changes in the brain and solidifies memories, therefore, making it easy to transfer information from one brain cell to the other.

Illuminates Adenosine

When you are awake and active, your brain keeps releasing adenosine. If you don’t get enough time to rest, adenosine keeps accumulating. By this time, you will start feeling drowsy and unproductive. However, if you take a nap and meet the required resting limits, your brain rejuvenates and clears all adenosine formation to keep you active throughout the day. On the other hand, if you fail to rest accordingly, your brain will not have enough time to clear adenosine, hence keeping you drowsy all the time.

Improves Relationships

Having a good relationship with your spouse, children and co-workers keep you happy throughout the day. People who take naps that are less than 8 hours a night find it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship. When you don’t experience quality night eye shutting, you become impatient with people around you. However, people with good sleeping habits have a high tolerance to surrounding environments and possess the time to listen to others.

It also helps you get the ability to understand others for who they are and come up with a way of accommodating them as they are. Also, sleeping makes it easy for you to find a balance in case of a disagreement and find a solution rather than intensifying the situation. Parents who get quality naps can communicate with their children without yelling at them all the time.

However, according to statistics, 35% of people said they were satisfied and felt happy with their financial status and sex drive even if they didn’t have a good sleeping habit. Another group that produced a high score of up to 63% was of people who rest more than 8 hours every night. People who don’t get enough rest feed on the hormone that triggers fear, anger, and anxiety. This is because, when your brain is not rested, its emotional center triggers primitive feelings. However, when you rest adequately, your brain processes prefrontal cortex that keeps the amygdala (emotional center of the brain) in check. In turn, this produces a balanced response, process better feeling, and gives you a healthy nature.

Weight loss

Weight loss is something that affects almost everyone who feels they have gained unnecessary weight. The feeling of being obese or having extra pounds affects the way you respond to situations or even personal feelings. This fact makes you feel unwanted, therefore, making you unhappy. When you sleep well, it is possible to lose weight and get a perfect posture. This makes you feel confident, and this helps you to develop feelings of gladness naturally.

General Wellbeing

Another survey indicates that when it comes to the general wellbeing of a person, income, and positions of power result in a 0.5 % increase in happiness. It shows that a person who has a good pay raise but fails to rest well at night or takes naps that are less than 8 hours finds it hard to feel happy and motivated for the day. This is in comparison to those who get sufficient rest, although they have meager incomes.

Additionally, living well makes it easy for you to fight the risks of chronic conditions like diabetes and HBP. When your body is resting, it generates the hormones that give strength to your blood cells, which in return, makes it possible to fight all forms of attacks that can trigger illnesses. When you are healthy, it is automatic that you will feel happy and encouraged.


Although sleeping is not the only driver of contentment, it plays a major role in the way a person feels and reacts to situations. Therefore, as much as you cannot purchase contentment, having enough sleeping moments can make you happy.

However, other factors contribute to happiness and a healthy lifestyle. In fact, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to make a choice between a 50% pay increase and getting additional sleeping hours, picking the latter will make you feel much better than opting for more cash. Therefore, practice skills that will help you to get better sleep and wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated to face the day.

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