Guest Post: DIY foosball game from an old shoebox

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DIY projects are great for the entire family because every family member won’t say no to a project which offers them a chance to do something with their own hands. Children are especially drawn to this kind of projects because they have the opportunity to learn something new, something they haven’t experienced before. But, before you go on complicated projects with your children, I suggest you tackle something simple, like this DIY I am offering you below. The best thing about this project is the fact that you have everything you need at home. The most complicated thing with this project will be drilling the holes in the cardboard so you can imagine how simple it is.

What do you need for this DIY project?

To make a foosball table you will need:

·                1 old cardboard shoebox

·                6 or 8 plastic straws or wooden dowels (depends on the size of the shoebox)

·                10 or more clothespins

·                1 ping pong ball

·                Sharpie & Ruler

·               Scissors or utility knife

·                Glue and clear tape

DIY mini foosball table

1.              Take one shoebox you don’t use, but it has to be in a good shape. Measure the size of the shoebox and depending on the size; choose the number and the place for the holes for the rods. You can make 2-4 rods on each side, but keep in mind that you have to have the same distance between the rods and that the holes have to be in the same place on both side of the box. Also, keep in mind that you have to make holes big enough for the rods. The shorter sides of the box will have goals, but they don’t have to be too big. Make them big enough for a ping pong ball to go through without difficulties.

2.              The most important parts – the holes are done. Now you can start decorating the shoebox and you can give your children that task so you can continue to work on the rods and the players.

3.              The rods are pretty simple to make. Count the holes on one side of the shoebox and the number of holes should match the number of rods. The best way to make rods is to combine plastic straws used in cocktails (the bigger ones) and fill them with wooden dowels or the plastic straws will bend and they won’t be able to carry the players. You can use two different colors of straws so you can divide them into two teams.

4.              Now that the rods are done there is only one thing on the TO DO list and that are players. Players aren’t complicated to make, all you need are clothespins. Take them and divide them into two teams. Give your children to color them so you can recognize which player is for one team and which is for the other and attach them to the rods. The reason why we used the clothespins is the fact that they are very easy to attach. But, to make sure they are fixed you can use the glue.


Make sure that children know which goal is which and the best way to do that is to color each end of the foosball court in one color. You can color the players and the goal in the same color so they are completely sure where they have to hit the ball.


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