How to Limit Kid's Candy Consumpton

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Halloween, the time of the year where every kid get excited about the candy and where every parent has a dentist appointment book for November. Besides the fact that kids get free candy, it is fun in terms of kids get to pretend to be anything they want. But come on, your kid couldn't just consume all that candy! Parents that's where you come, you must limit the amount they eat.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for that day:

1. "Teaching them to Share"

By letting your kids donate most of their candy to the less fortune will teach them to share but you, as the parent, gets rid of most of their candy. So one stone kills two birds and all that rot! 

Where you can donate it you ask? A Children's Hospital or a veterans' group that ships Halloween candy to troops overseas and other places.

2. Blackmail!

This might sound horrible but trust me when I say you can let a child do anything for their favorite candy. Let them clean their room for 5 of the candies of their chose, eat their vegies for 4, do homework for 5 and so on. Use this holiday to your advantage, it's open season!

3. Restrict It!

Allow your kids to eat a FIXED amount a day. If you say two a day let it be two a day. Don't tell them trick or nag you for more and then break. Be strong! It's a battle field out there.

4. Smaller is Better!

By giving your child a smaller loot bag, they well collect less treats!

5. Work For IT!

This is another form of 'blackmailing' them. By encouraging them to do fun exercising activities for treats not only get them active but you will get a good laugh out of this.  

6. Play Dirty!

Sometimes you have to play dirty by buying them for hard, cold cash! Need I say more? Just hope they don't buy back any candy with them.

At the end of the day your child's health is all that matters, so do what you have to do!

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