Easy DIY Halloween Decor

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Halloween decor is suppose to be scary, creepy and mystical. And the day that you put out your best Halloween props/decor is on the Night of Trick or Treat...

Here are some cool decors and props you can make to make your house the scariest one on the block. 

Flowing Heads 


  • 5 yards of cheese cloth
  • Water down School Glue
  • Super Glue
  • Styrofoam Mannequin head
  • Latex Paint Brush
  • White String

-Start by cutting your cheese cloth at: 1/2", 1", 1 1/2" and 2".
-Drape the first layer (2'') over the mannequin head then brush glue on. Make sure you pay attention to the details of the head. 
-You don't have to wait until the glued it dried to add the other layers (1 1/2", 1" and then the 1/2"). 
-Let is dry over night in a dry area.
-Make a small knot on the white string then super glue it down on top of the head. Let it dry for a couple of minutes.

This is great to have at your windows, to add to that scary effect. For an even more scary illusion, add a hazy dark night underneath the cheesecloth to draw attention to head.

 Creepy Crawly Spiders


  • Plastic Spiders
  • Double sided adhesive tape

-This is self-explanatory.

Bat Door Decor


  • Black Contraction Papers
  • Bat Stencils (of various sizes)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Double sided adhesive tape

This is self-explanatory.

Bat Tree


  • Dried Tree Branches
  • Black ribbon (1 cm to 1/4" wide)
  • Vase

-Cut each ribbon 1 inch then tie to the branch in random areas. 
-Place branch in vase. 

Glow in the Dark Skeleton


-Dismantle skeleton. 
-Paint on Glow in the dark paint on each bone, let it dry for about 3 to 4 hours. 
-Place wheel borrow where you want it to go in your lawn then add soil in it. 
-Place bones in the borrow in a creatively disorganized way. 

Printed Skull

  • Decorative Tissue Paper
  • Skull
  • Modge Podge 
  • Foam Brush
  • Cup of Tea water

-Tear tissue paper into pieces then damp paper into tea water. (If you have a delicate paper then mix modge podge with a bit of tea water)
-Brush modge podge onto skull then apply paper. Repeat until the entire skull it covered (don't forget the eye sockets)
-Brush modge podge over skull to seal when dry.
-Allow to dry for 1 hour +.

NB// The tea water gives the paper an aged look. If you don't want an aged look just use water. 

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!

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