Guest Post: How to Clean Leather Boots Naturally

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I live in my leather boots during the winter, which means they tend to get a little dirty, but I've learned how to keep them looking great throughout the year.
If you're interested in knowing how to clean leather boots naturally, then you've come to the right place.

First Steps
The way that you clean your boots is going to depend on their material. A cowhide leather is sleek and needs a different cleaning method than a suede leather which has a rough texture.
For both types of boots, you want to start by removing any dirt or dust on the surface. For a sleek leather, use a slightly damp cloth, going over the boot a few times as needed.
For rough textures, apply a non-silicone stain and water protector when your boots are new. Then use a soft nylon brush to clean periodically.

Condition the Boots
There are a few different options for you to condition your boots, but don't skip this step.
This step helps to keep the colors fresh and the leather soft.

To do this, you'll need one of the following oils:

* Coconut Oil* Virgin Olive Oil* Palm Oil
Each of these options is a good choice for conditioning your boots, so use whatever you have on hand. You'll need a white towel to avoid color transfer, and I always use a white washcloth to condition my boots. Apply a small amount of oil onto the towel and rub into the leather, use small circular motions to work it in.
Since coconut oil starts as a solid, you'll need to spend a little more time rubbing it into the boot. The longer that you rub, the warmer it becomes and the easier it is to work with. Make sure that you go over each part of the leather thoroughly.

Allow Time for Drying
After you've finished with the step above, let the boots sit to dry.
It's a good idea to put them on a clean surface where they won't be disturbed for a few hours. It'll take a few hours for the oil to sink into the leather, about 2-3 hours is recommended.
If you notice any residue from the oil left on the boot, wipe off with a dry cloth. This isn't a problem but just means you've probably put a little too much oil on the leather.
If you find that your shoes are clean, but have an unpleasant smell or odor, then you may need do a little more work on your boots. Use this Guide to Get Rid of Shoe Odor

When to Repeat?
There are not definite recommendations on how often to clean your leather boots. I usually clean my boots when I begin wearing them and before I put them up in the spring.
However, you should clean yours every time you notice they start to look faded or dirty. Not only will cleaning them keep them looking fresh, it will also extend the life of your boots.
With these simple steps, you can have clean, soft boots throughout the year naturally! Cleaning and conditioning them is a simple process that you can do with basic tools you already have around your house. Use this steps to keep your boots looking great throughout the year!

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