Mirrors in Small Spaces Ideas

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Sometimes knocking down walls to make a room feel bigger is not an option. It is either too expensive, it's a rental property or with the structure of your home, it is not advised. Whatever the case may be there is an easier, cheaper way to create the illusion of a larger space with mirrors.

Mirrors are not only to looking in but to both give a sculptural element to a room and to reflect light so that the room seems more open and airy. When mirrors are placed at key spots in the room,  that they reflect maximum light and space.

Here are 8 creative mirror placement and style.

1. Illusion mirror window

2. Tucked behind a sofa

3. Placed opposite of a window

4. As a dinning room scriptural piece

5. In an Armoire

6. A tall mirror layered with the console

7. Used in door or wall paneling

8. Used as a head board in a small bedroom

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