DIY Floating Shelf

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This floating shelf is easy to make, cheap and gives you a minimalist look.


5 11″x48″ plywood boards
White paint (optional)
Screw hooks


- Drill a hole in each corner of the board, about 1.5" in from the end and side. Sand wood with a 100  grit then finish with 240 grit. Paint the wood white or use any color you’d like,
prime then add 2 coats. You can use a different color of rope for contrast.

 Once the paint is dried, added the rope. Cut 4 pieces of rope to the length want. Feed one piece of the rope through each hole on the board. Then, tie a tight knot on the underside of the board.

- Use a small white hook, screwed right into the wall. If you plan on putting heavy items on your shelf you will have to use something more sturdier, like an eyebolt.

- To hang the shelf on the hook, simply tie a tight knot then wrapped the excess rope or ‘tails” around the hook a few times.

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