How to Organize Your Kids' Closet

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One of the issues must parents have with their kids is trying to get them to keep their rooms clean, especially their closets. But tackling one disaster at a time, the most easy "looking" but every tedious room project is the closet.

A closet disaster can be dysfunctional, embarrassing and to be honest overwhelming. And no matter what you do, you always seem to find a way to improve, within months it goes back to square one or you can't let go.

These five (5) easy steps will bring a disaster to a master organize in two twos.

1. Clear out the closet

You want to start fresh, so by removing all the items from their closets will enable you to see what you are working with. This is a great thing to add a fresh coat of paint or wall decal to add a bit of personality to this space.

2. Organize ALL items that came from the closet

Organize the items from the closet into four piles; Keep, Sell, Donate and Trash. Keep in mind that you should keep things that they use or will use in the future. Out of season stuff should be kept in vacuum bags and stored out of sight.   

3. Add more storage

There is no such thing as too much storage, especially in a kid's closet. Keep in mind that must kids are hoarders and no matter what you do they will accumulate a lot of stuff that you likely bought, so extra stuff is essential.

4. Regroup and Refold

Divide what is left of their clothes into categories, t-shirts, pants, dresses, dress up outfits, etc. Then fold and stack in piles or hanger up everything nicely.

5. Everything has its place

When putting back everything you are keeping in their closet, make sure that you give everything a place. It is also important that you teach your child where everything goes.

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