Protein in the Body

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What is protein?

Proteins are large molecules composed of one or more long chains of amino acids. They are an essential part of all living organisms, making up the structural components of body tissues, enzymes and antibodies.

Fun Protein Facts.

  • Protein is a vital part of our function and makes up the structural components of the body.
  • 20% of our bodies is made up of protein.
  • The body cannot make ten essential amino acids, so we get them from protein.
  • Human body cannot store protein like it stores carbohydrates or fats. Women that are pregnant need 50% more protein than non-pregnant women.
  • Protein must be taken in your diet every day as it is continuously broken down.

Importance of protein in the body!

There is three S in the importance of protein in the body and these are:

- Satisfaction: a high protein diet increased satiety and decreased appetite and calorie intake.
- Stamina: takes longer to digest thus giving you long lasting energy.
- Strength: develops and rebuilds damaged muscle tissues.  

The Myths of protein.

- Getting enough protein can be expensive.
- Eating protein makes you bulky.
- You need to consume protein after every workout.
- Animal protein may cause cancer.

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