Guest Post: Where Do Unreasonable Fears and Bad Apprehensions Come From

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Constant anxiety and fear take a lot of energy away, depriving of peace and sleep, joy and pleasure from life.

According to psychologists, excessive anxiety comes from early childhood. Fearing for the life and health of the child, caring mothers and fathers often frighten their child with the fact that he can fall, get infected, catch a cold, get lost, get into a bad situation, etc. Even a teenager is not allowed to walk without adult supervision, engage in extreme sports, and go on hikes with peers. As a result of such a hyperope of parents, only after becoming an adult, a person faces inevitable risks in life, to which he is not ready neither psychologically nor physically.

If your parents dramatized any situation or constantly were afraid that some kind of trouble will happen to you, then you, most likely, will have a similar pattern of behavior.

Look for a disease

Often increased anxiety is being caused by somatic diseases. Excessive anxiety is usually peculiar to people suffering from myocardial ischemia. In general, these people have the fear of death, and doctors consider this to be one of the symptoms of cardiac disease.

Very disturbing are persons with hypoglycemia, thyrotoxicosis and those who have adrenal glands producing excessive amounts of hormones.

Often, increased anxiety is being accompanied by mental disorders. It is quite noticeable among people, who suffer from schizophrenia and manic-depressive psychosis. Some medicines may cause unreasonable fears. Sometimes this is how withdrawal symptoms occur in the period of quitting smoking, taking alcohol, sleeping pills and drugs.

When stress is to be blamed

It is not surprising if a person begins to show increased anxiety, after experiencing a severe stressful situation. For example, if a relative is seriously injured in a road accident, most likely that someone will avoid driving a car in this family. Some people are afraid to travel by airplanes, and the causes of such fears are terrible plane crashes that took the lives of friends or relatives. When someone died of cancer in the family, it is possible that his offspring will develop a carcinophobia that will poison people's lives.

How to get rid of fears on your own

If increased anxiety is only a character trait that has been formed under the influence of upbringing or life circumstances, then it will be not so difficult to get rid of it.

          It is enough to revise your attitude to life and not attach too much importance to what is happening personally with you and around you. Changing the perspective, you will cease to feel like a "center of the world" and learn to perceive yourself as a part of the world. Look at life easier - and it will make the things easier for you. This is one of the main recommendations of psychologists to those who suffer from uncontrollable nightmarish fantasies and constant fears: I can fall ill; I will not justify the trust of management, etc.

Adequate people often think about good things and hope for the best. They are able to independently overcome their fears, relying on the logic of events, rather than on negative emotions.

          The main thing is to learn to look at your future from a positive angle. If this fails, and anxiety lasts for months, you should seek help from a psychotherapist. Especially if the anxiety is accompanied by increased blood pressure, chest pain, arrhythmia, shortness of breath and panic moods, you should not postpone a visit to a doctor because this may happen due to heart disease.

Correct conversations with a doctor

A good psychotherapist, talking with such a patient, helps him get to the bottom of the causes of fears and anxieties. The doctor encourages a person to live in situations that cause tragic forebodings, and teaches him to represent these situations with a happy outcome. Autogenic training (a set of special exercises for relaxation and comfort) helps to get rid of increased anxiety. You can overcome your fears through meditation as well - through the reduction of muscle tension.

 To improve the psychological state doctors prescribe sedatives, antidepressants, preparations on a plant basis to overly anxious patients. Valerian, motherwort, mint – are the ingredients that will help to calm down.

When emotions are controlled by the intestine

More precisely, the bacteria that live in it. These bacteria are guilty of our increased anxiety. Scientists from the Irish University of Cork found that a key role in the formation of this symptom is played by certain gene regulators in the brain. Moreover, these very gene regulators are under the influence of the intestinal microbiota, which can change, for example, under the influence of antibiotics. "Bacteria affect gene regulators in two specific parts of the brain that are responsible for experiencing and developing the personality, which are largely associated with anxiety and depression,” stresses one of the authors of the study, Dr. Gerard Clarke. He believes that some manipulations with the balance of bacteria in the intestines can affect person’s behavior and in particular, relieve him of increased anxiety.

          However, this is still far away, and everyone can try to change the composition of bacteria in the intestines with the help of a healthy diet and refusing to take antibiotics. Suddenly, then, we will become less anxious.

Spleeny people, who often worry about something, are often more intelligent than those who do not really care about what is going on around them. This was confirmed by an unusual experiment conducted by Israeli psychologists who tested 80 students. Young people were deliberately introduced into a stressful situation, connected with the search for a dangerous computer virus. "We found that students who were more likely to experience anxiety in ordinary life were more vigilant, more persistent and more effective in solving the task," the leaders of the study, Ain-Dor and Tal, emphasized. They were able to prove that restless people feel threatened earlier than their more balanced comrades.

Scientists from the United States and Canada conducted a joint study of the level of intelligence of different students. Those young people who admitted that they often worry and are nervous over trifles demonstrated the highest level of intelligence. An anxious mind is a searching mind. Only an intelligent person can view each situation from different points of view, noticing its pros and cons.

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