The Liebster Award

8:55:00 PM

I am both honored and grateful for this award. I want to thank my mom, my readers and the blogger Johanny from for this nomination.

I would like to nominate:

Fit, Fresh and Fabulous

Capturing Life Memoirs

Pink Smarties

Geraldine's Wonderful World

Sophia Anna

Random Facts About Me:

1. I am Jamaican born.
2. People say I am a bit crazy but I call it flamboyant.
3. I am obsessed with Korea.
4. I love to bake.
5. I am an only child.
6. I drink my tea without milk, creamer or sugar.
7. My favorite and best ice-cream in the world is Cookies and Cream from Devon's House Ice-Cream. (bet you thought it was chocolate :-).)
8. I love spring time and fall.
9. My favorite weather is rainy and breeze.
10. I am every opened minded.
11. I love flea and thrift store shopping.


1. What motivated you to start your blog and how long have you been blogging?

I wanted to go outside my comfort zone and put myself somewhat out there. Plus blogging helps me deal with a lot of issues in my life. I started blogging on April 26th 2015.

2. Where do you get the ideas for your blog posts?
I like researching random facts and ideas when I am bored, so when I come across something great enough to share...mama had to grab on to it!!

3. Do you ever get “writer’s block,” and, if so, how do you deal with it?
I don't think I even had one because everything in life inspires me.

4. What is your favorite food?
I am all about Chocolate! I am a Psychotic Chocolate Lover by heart from birth!

5. What is the best advice you can give your fellow bloggers about how to get new subscribers?
Honestly I want to say it is all about content but I don't really know. I am still learning the ropes of being a blogger.

6. Do you belong to any writers’ or bloggers’ associations and, if so, which ones?
Well I am a proud representative of Young Writer's Blog since 2015.

7. What is the best feedback you have ever gotten on a blog post?
"You have a very informative wide topic blog that there is something for everyone. I wish you posted everyday."

8. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
Probably that I am a blogger or am handy with tools.

9. How do you get the word out about your blog posts –Twitter, Facebook, others?
Through twitter and google+.

10. What is your favorite movie?
That is like asking me what is my favorite! All I can say is that I love Korea movies.

11. What is your greatest joy in life?
My mom, my friends, my dog (Dell), my family and my readers.

Questions for nominates to answer:

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. What inspires you in your post?

3. What advise would you give aspiring bloggers?

4. How do you deal with writer's block?

5. How do you deal with the negativity from your post?

6. What is the most important thing in your life?

7. How do you promote your blog?

8. One word to describe your blog and you is?

9. What is your favorite place?

10. The one thing that makes you smile is?

11. Your thoughts on bullying are?


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. Include the Liebster Award badge on your site.
3.Answer the 11 question from your nominator.
4. Give 11 facts about yourself
5.Nominate between 5 to 11 blogs who has under 200 followers.
6.Notify the nominees.

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