How To Store Your Boots

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Knowing how to properly store your boots will prolong its usage in their life.

Steps to take before storing your boots.

1. Organizing before cleaning:

Sort your boots by their 'well use', season and their purpose before cleaning them. This will help you stay organized and keep your boots in a better condition.

2. Cleaning before storing:

Storing boots that are dusty, dirty and that has any other residue on it will cause the material of your boot to slowly degrade over time.

3. Finding the right storage space:

When figuring out where you are going to store your boots, consider how the space is cool and make sure the area is temperature controlled. The constant change in temperature will break down the fibers in the shoes over time causing the material to become bristled.

Also make sure your boots are stored in a dark space.  The exposure to too much light will cause the material of your boots to become discolored.

4. Store them upright!

A boot stand or rack will prevent the top flop from flopping over, causing a permanent crease over time.

DIY: Wine bottles, magazines or pool floats can be used instead of a boot stand.

Tips and Tricks:

  • To keep your boots smelling fresh, you can use a non-toxic deodorizing spray or fill a sachet with baking soda and essential oil and put inside the boot.
  • After cleaning your leather boots, it is good to deep condition it.
  • To clean plastic boots, wash with soap and water.
  • To clean leather boots, bush off then clean with a gently leather cleaner.
  • To clean suede boots, brush off then clean with a suede cleaner, if stained.
  • To clean canvas boots, brush off then clean with using soap and water.
  • To maintain the shape of your boots, stuff with newspaper or use a shoe tree.
For more cleaning tips and guide click here.

What not to do when storing your boots

1. Do not wrap or put your boots in plastic.

Leather and suede boots need to be able to breathe while being stored. If they are stored in plastic they will sweat and become discolored, stinky and moldy. If you want to wrap your boots, use a acid-free tissue paper.

2. Do not store wet or damp boots.

Wet or damp boots can get moldy and stinky when they are stored like that. Store them in a dry ventilated area until they are completely dried before storing them in their right place.

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