The Blog Tag Awards: Best Interactive Blogger of the Month Award

7:00:00 AM

I would love to thank you readers for this gift. Lately I have not been feeling motivated to blog but now I know that you guys care enough to nominate me and I appreciate you. You guys are my motivation. I would also like to thank Blog Tag Awards for this award, I am forever grateful.

The group of persons who inspires me in life is my family. They are 99% crazy and creative and 1% sane. I love to describe my family as collective because we all come from different ethic groups, countries, we have different taste in everything, we all speak different languages and we all love to give jokes and laugh. I enjoy being around my family even though must times it can be over bearing but you can't pick them.

In the next five years I see myself running my real estate development company, my home décor company and adopting a child(ren). I see my blog taking off to accomplish new things like exposing me to traveling and meeting new people.


-Thank your readers and Blog Tag Awards.
-Write a paragraph on who inspires you and where you see yourself and blog in the next 5 years.
-Post rule
-Link back to Blog Awards
- Add which category you won on the badge
-Add badge to blog.

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