20 Fun Facts about Cats

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  1. Cats have a weak sense of taste, with only 8527 less taste-buds than humans.
  2. Cats have 32 muscles in each ear and can jump 6 times its height.
  3. Cats' whiskers falls off occasionally then grows back. 
  4. Cats cannot taste sugary food due to faulty sweet receptor gene.
  5. Cats can have up to 100 kittens in their life times.
  6. Cats can sleep up to 16-18 hours a day.
  7. Cats' tongue have small "hooks", which they use to tear down their food.
  8. Cats that have blue eyes and white coat are must likely deaf, unless they have two different eye colors.
  9. Cats cannot understand punishment but praises.
  10. Most cats can survive a 65 feet fall due to its righting reflex.
  11. Many cats cannot properly digest cow's milk and its by-product, it gives them diarrhea. 
  12. Cats have the largest eyes than any mammal.
  13. Cats say hello by lifting its tail and keeps it stretched all the way in the air.
  14. Cats cannot produce fat on their own.
  15. Cats hate the smell of citrus fruits.
  16. Cats love chewing on marijuana leaves.
  17. Cats have better hearing than dogs, their can detect frequencies between 55-79 kHz while dogs are 44 kHz. 
  18. Cats see five times better than a human. 
  19. Tylenol and chocolate are poisonous to cats.  
  20. Cats that are black tend to be calmer than those that are white.

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