3 Easy Ways to Preserve Your Baby's Meomories

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Every parents' dream is to preserve the moments that their little first cried, first yawned, their first meal, their little toes and fingers-everything! 

I have been making shadow memory boxes for my little cousins for years and presently my big cousin called and asked how would she display Jay's, her daughter, first shoe and blanket! So I decided to do this for all the parents who want to remember those precious moments.  

Creative Baby Photos

One of my favorite baby photograph, other than a baby resting in a mother's or father's arms, is a baby info photo. It basically has the height, weight (mass), the date of birth, the time and the name of the baby. This is so cute to give to members of the your family or have as a photo decor. And you don't have to hire a photographer.

Time Capsule Jar

Basically this is an easy DIY that you can do and it's very inexperience. All you need is a large candy jar and your baby items (nipple bottle, clothe articles, photos...). You can decorate the jar anyway you like, whether it is with ribbons or glass stain. Keep in mind that persons need to see inside the jar with ease, so try not to over do it with accessorizing it. 

Shadow Boxes

One of my favorite baby memory decor is shadow boxes. I prefer using unfinished shadow boxes because I can choose if I want to paint it or stain it, what I want to put as the background and it's cheaper than finished ones. You can add anything in them that you feel is important to you and don't worry about adding too much because it would still look amazing.   

Remember one thing, even though your babies are big and moved on with their life and dreams, they are still your cupcakes :-)!

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