How to pull off a Causal but Professional look (Women)

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If you are in the line of work where 'causal professional' is your work closet or you have causal Fridays or weekends at work, then you must know the dos and don'ts to staying appropriate. 

Hopefully I will be able to help you stay causal and comfy but professional at the same time. And if you are a bit of a fashion rebel like me, I can grantee your style will be fabulous. 


Yes, you can wear a jumpsuit to work and not just any jumpsuits, you can wear causal ones. Your jumpsuits must be perfectly polished and business-like with a hint of causal for the office look. When choose a jumpsuits be conscious of the fit. Don't wear it too tight but choose one that is roomy and comfortable with appropriate sleeves and cleavage. Also avoid wearing ones with spaghetti strips, sleeve-less and any with the backs-out (unless paired with a jacket) and none with shorts form (only wear the pants ones).


When choosing a top, pick one that is conservative, no need for the whole office to see your racks or back. Try to stay away from bold, loud and wild patterns. Also remember that tops with collars give a more formal look than collarless ones. 

NB/ You can wear tops with bold, loud and wild patterns as long as you tone it down with a neutral bottom and or or jacket. 

NB/ You can wear graphic t-shirts but be careful what you pair with it. 

Bottoms and Dresses

When choosing causal work dresses or skirts, make sure they are appropriate. That means no low-cut and high slits and no skin tight dresses, pants or skirts. An appropriate length for your dresses or skirts is  just above the knees, no shorter. 

Do not wear jeans unless other wise noted by your job. If you are however allowed to wear jeans, avoid distressed jeans with holes and boyfriend jeans. The safest thing to go with would be solid color jeans with no holes or distressed form. Your jeans pants can be as short as just above your ankles. 


Shoes are really easy. All you have to do is to avoid F.M heels (a.k.a stripper heels 6" and up), flip flops and sneakers.

To finish your casual professional look accessorize with tasteful and light jewelry and a simple purse.  

Remember to read your company's dress policy before trying a causal professional work look. 

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