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Bucket lists are a fun way to live your life to it's potential, or at least that's what I think it is. So everyone must have a bucket list or some type of wish list.

My Bucket For Traveling:

I have much more than this but these are the main countries/places.
  • Japan/Korea: I always loved Asian music, fashion and overall culture. When I go, I want to visit the historical landmarks and see all the architectural details of the historical buildings, experience their lifestyles and definitely try their food.

  • Romanian: Call me a crazy person or a freak, whatever you want but I love vampires, werewolves, ghouls, ghost, whatever. And one of my all time favorite vampire is Vlad Tepes. I want to go to Romanian to visit his 'burial ground' and his castle.

  • The Carpathian Mountains: It is believed by the local that the Carpathian Mountains are the homes of the 'night walkers (Vampires). Need I say more... 

  •  China: Other than it's beautiful traditional music and instruments and also their unique foods, The Great Wall of China is on the list. I not only want to see it but actually walk it up. Now knowing me, this might take about a week and some camping gears to accomplish that!

  • Africa: Like Jamaican culture, the African culture is somewhat similar but unique in it's own way. I always wanted to go there, not because of some crazy need to connect with my forefathers but to experience what it has to offer as a country.

  • Ireland: Not only is their culture weirdly unique but their country is so beautiful. The ruins and landmarks looks like a mixture of medieval times meet modern-ish time. I don't know how anyone can watch Leap Year and not fall in love with Ireland.

Bucket List For Food:

This list is short simply because I already scratched off must of what's on my list already and I really don't know what else to add.

  • Crickets: Chocolate covered ones from Mexico.

  • Lizard: Dried Deep Fried Lizards, I think its from India.

  • Fugu Fish: Give it to me dried, fried, bake or shake. I want to try it. The fact that it's poisonous and people still eat it then it must be the best thing since cooked meat.

  • Frog: Never Tried Spring Chicken but I hope to try it with some BBQ sauce.

Bucket List For Activities:

  • Skydiving: I am afraid of heights but I would love to try it.

  • Bungee Jumping: I think I have a problem but I would do this with my best friend and my cousin. 

  • Snorkeling: Every time I go to Bahamas I never do this, even though I say I would. I would try this in the future but I have to learn to swim first. 

  • Horse Back Riding: I love horses but I never seem to get the courage to ride one. For some reason I see myself falling off. 

  •  Roller Coaster Ride: They just terrify me!

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride: Scared of heights but I would try with my mom. 

If you want to share any of your bucket list than send me a message. To keep up with me than follow me on twitter. .

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