How to throw a 80's Theme Party?

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Let's go back in time when everything was "Totally Cool", when shoulder pads, mini skirts, leg warmers, over sized tops and members only jackets where hot. Where the TV shows, movies, music and toys will be remembered in history as nothing other than cool.


One fun of planning this party is the invitations. When designing your invitations don't forget the key trendy words from the 80's ("like", "rad", "oh my god", "dudes and dudettes", "wicked", "sweet" and "totally"). Don't forget bright shocking neon colors with sprinkles and all. Don't forget the go crazy like the kids from Weird Science. Make sure you send you invitation at least 5 weeks in advise so your guest can mark the date.

Dress Code (optional)

An 80's theme party doesn't mean you have to dress in that like cool rad way but the point of this party is the costumes. It's half the fun! Go wild with your costumes, go thrift shopping, shop in your parents closets or go back through your high school clothes. To the attic it is! Go wild with bright neon colors, jelly shoes, wide belts, off the shoulder sweatshirts, over sized sweaters and who would forget the shoulder pads.
For more ideas check out Top 10 80's Fashion Trends 


First things first you definitely need a cutout of either 80's Madonna or a 80's rock star at either your entrance or a visible point in your room.  Neon colored can be placed around the room, decorate room with 80's whirl decorations, 80's Arcade Icon Cutout and Cassette Tape Clings. Go wild with your decorations, use both the 80's toys to cutouts, give the room a step-back-in-time feeling.

Backdrop/Photo background

 One of the main things that people expect from an 80's theme party is the music, so dust off that old album and spin the tracks, your guest will thank you for the great music from the Hall and Oates, The Police, Wham, Phil Collins, the list goes on and on. Next is the obvious, a fashion costume show, where your guest show off their hot styles from yesteryear. Another activity is an 80's trivia game, "Do you REALLY know the 80's?". You can end the night with something that makes your guest both laugh and wine down like watching some of their old commercials, infomercials or preview of some popular TV shows and share some good memories. 

  Party Favor

 After giving your guest one of the must memorable time of their lives, make sure you give them something to remember that moment by.
  1. Leg Warmers
  2. Printed Photos of them at the party in a frame
  3. Lip Gross
  4. Candy Necklace
  5. CD of the greatest hits from the 80's 

 Just to make it clear, I wasn't born anywhere near the 80's but I do know about it! I love the music, fashion, movies and slangs. I hope you guys have fun planning this party.

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