Diaper Bag Essentials: 0-6 Months

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The beauty of motherhood is well worth the 9 months of pains and aches, the extra weight, over eating, the irregular cravings and bladder control, horrible mood swings and excruciating pain of giving birth. But a lot of moms say it is well worth it!

When going anywhere you need the must basic of things to toll around with.

Essentials Needed:

  1. Diapers: Have at least 3-4, depending on how long you are planning to stay out you might need more.
  2. Wipes: Wet baby wipes.
  3. Changing Pad: If you are changing in a public changing area, you will need this.

  4. Baby Powder: To powder your baby's bum.
  5. Sanitizing wipes: Besides the obvious which is that you the mom/dad will need to sanitize your hand or any surface area your baby is going to be exposed to, you will also need to sanitize your baby's hands after a strangers or anyone touches your baby before your baby puts their hands in their mouth or face.
  6. Lotion and hand sanitizer: For the mom/dad.
  7. Extra Outfits for the baby: Never know when your baby will have an "accident".

  8. Nursing cover/ Formula and bottle: Never let your little ones go hungry.
  9. Burp-Rag: Just because you never used it before doesn't you should omit this. Babies are unpredictable in their acts.
  10. Bottle of Water: Either for you to drink or in case of emergency where you have no water, you can use it.   
  11. Pacifier: Great for a public silence time. Always bring at least 3 incase one falls.

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