How to Throw a Back to School Party?

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Don't make the same mistake thinking that a back to school party is only for kids. Well let me tell you one of my friends did this party theme last November and it was fun. We all dressed up in school girl uniform and we all had fun turning up. 

Here are the basic step by step instructions on how to throw this amazing party whether it is for kids, teens or adults. 

Step 1: Your Guest 

Determine who you want to invite to your party by making a list. After making your list determine if you want to send a physical invitation or a virtual one. A cute idea is to send a cute and funny video invitation to your guest. 

Step 2: Activities

 Think of a few activities that you want to at your party. Whether you want to have a dance off, karaoke whatever you want to do. 

Step 3: Meal Time

When planning your meal sure that you pick finger food that is bite sizable like fish fingers and pretzel sticks. Remember be childish and playful with your presentation of your food. 

Step 4: Party Favor

This step is optional but if you plan to give out favors at your party then make them school themed. Be creative and have fun when planning or making this. 

And remember to have fun while planning your party!!

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