Teaching Your Kids How to Organize Their Assignments

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1. Organize ALL School Learning Martials

By organizing your child's learning materials, whether it is by subjects, teachers or classes, you enable them to easily find things that they are looking for with ease and keep them on track. So no more excuses about missing assignments because lets admit it, the "dog ate my homework" is played out.

2. Using Planners

Honestly if I had knew these excited in my early days of high school it would have saved me a lot of late assignments and forgotten home works.
The holy grail of keeping organized in school, whether your child is in middle, high or college, is planners. It should be used everyday and they should write all their assignments, classes, activities, study times and even holidays in it. Their school planner should have their entire school life in it.

3. Managing Their Time

If your child is like me and don't like to study then this is the best tip I have to give you. By reading their notes or revising some school work everyday for at least 20-30 minutes will help during exam time. I discovered this method in high school and let me tell you, I haven't studied seen because reading over my noted everyday helps me retain the information better. I, however, don't recommend to students who has difficulty understanding and putting the notes in their own words.

Ensure that your child puts away 30 minutes a day for studying, especially during holidays and vacations. During school times I recommend that you allow them to pick the time in which they want to do so.

You can demand a child to study but do not say when, for that child will likely not retain any information he or she studies.  

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