4 Tips on Brushing Your Dog's Teeth + DIY Doggie Toothpaste

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When it comes to canines, oral health is often over looked. It is however important for you to ensure that you brush your dog's teeth regularly to reduce their chances of getting any oral, urinary, reparatory or digestive diseases or issues.


1. Be Patient...

Many dogs aren't use to the idea of someone examine their months, let alone stuff a toothbrush in it. However, training your dog how to do this isn't impossible. For most it can be time consuming but the most important thing to remember is to be patient. Keep in mind that it's never too late to start brushing your dog's teeth and don't be ashamed of bribing your doggies for loyalty in brushing their teeth. Click here and here for some delicious doggie treats.

2. Using Your Fingers?

Sure your fingers aren't has good has using a toothbrush but remember to be patient and take baby steps. Your fingers can get rid of some of the tartar and plaque off your dog's teeth.
Use a clean cloth or a finger toothbrush with a dab of doggie toothpaste then gently rub against your dog's teeth. Make sure to wear gloves.

3. Professional Cleaning!

At least once in your dog's life, you should take them to their local veteran for a professional dental cleaning. This will clean away any build-up that any home brushing cannot get rid of. Keep in mind that all dogs do not need daily brushing. It is recommended that you make a yearly appointment for their dental cleaning.

4. 'Dental Chews'

One great way to keep your  dog's oral health in good shape is letting them chew on dental chews. Dental chews are specifically designed for your dog's dental health. It gets rid of some of the tough plaque and tartar off their teeth.

DIY Doggie Toothpaste


1/4 cup raw organic coconut oil
3 TBSP baking soda
6-7 mint leaves
1 tsp chicken or beef granules
1 tsp cinnamon powder


- Finely chop mint leaves
- Combine all ingredients in the food processor and blend.
- Store in an airtight container in the fridge.
- Only use a dab of this onto their teethbrush.

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