The Impact of Self-Esteem in Your Child's Life

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Having a high self-esteem is one of the most important elements in life for happiness, self-contentment and success. The first few years of your child's life is crucial to develop a positive self-esteem, so parents should work to build their child's self-confidence.  

A child with low self-esteem has a low progress level in their life. This can affect their emotional and social development. Click here and here to read about the development of social skills in your child.

Children who suffer from low self-esteem often perform poorly in school, even though they might be intelligent.

A parent's job is not only to provide the basic needs of their child or give them love but to develop their child's self-esteem. This is possible through the relationship and the communication they have with their parents or guardians. A child will think of himself base of how he or she is treated and spoken to by people around him.

"How you speak to your child will become their inner voice. This will determine their destruction or construction."
- Jessica Fairweather

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  1. I agree with what you said about the roles of parents. They have to teach us to love ourselves and all the life skills xx


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