Development of Social and Emotonal Skills: Grade - High Schoolers

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Every child develops at their own pace but at certain age you should expect each child to develop these social and emotional skills.

If this is not so then your child might have a communication disorder. Communication disorder may effect your child's academic achievement, daily life and interaction skills in terms of a child's intelligence level. A child can suffer from underdevelopment of conflict resolution (which can effect their socialization and friendship) and lack of social etiquette (which can effect their understanding of what is acceptance socially in society).


-By 5 to 6 years

  • They are more independence and conversational.
  • Are aware of their gender.
  • May prefer to play with their same gender.
  • Understands how it is to feel embarrassed.
  • They will test their boundry.
  • They are eager to please and are helpful.
- By 7 to 8 years

  • They complain about other children's behavior and reactions.
  • They aren't has attentive to your direction but want to behave.
  • Try to express their feels in words.
-By 9 to 10 years

  • They are argumentative, rude and selfish but are silly, affectionate and curious.
  • They may withdraw from most family interactions to develop their own personalities.
  • They will start narrowing down friendships in their peer groups.
Middle and High Schoolers

-By 11 to 15 years

  • Start thinking more locally.
  • May experiment with ideas, activities and styles.
  • May value persons' and friends' opinion more than yours.
  • May be moody and have a strong need for privacy.
-By 16 to 18 years

  • May emotional distance themselves from you.
  • May show pride in their success.
  • Will try to discover their strengths and weakness.
  • May strive to independent.
  • May be interested in dating and hanging out with friend.

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