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I can't survive with planning my week out, I will be all over the place. My budget sheet, habit tracker, water tracker, to do list, events, school related stuff is all in my bullet journal. But real talk though, I don't always finish or even start all my task (guilty!).

Earlier this year I was using a planner and lets just say it wasn't for me. Why:
  • I felt obligated to make everything creative and pretty, which wasn't practical at all of my busy schedule.
  • I spend more time planning how to decorate my planner than actually doing what I had to do.
  • The planning supplies ate through my budget crazy fast.
So I was basically turning my whole planner into Instagram material, which was crazy. I practically got little to nothing done and the whole thing was a disaster.

I still loved planning out my weeks and days but I had to find something that was a little more practical for my busy lifestyle. So I came across bullet journals (HOLY GRAIL!).

Bullet Journal:
  • Basic but effect
  • Customizable
  • Strategy works
  • Cost me only $3 dollars
  • Fast pace and can keep up with my life
I got a cute book (any book works 😃), pens and highlighters. That's all you really need to start and get this, I got all my supplies from the dollar store ($3) 💥.

How to Bullet Journal:

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