Unboxing and Reviewing of the Webster's Pages Planner

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I have always used the Student Life Planners throughout high school. They were a love hate kind of a planner with those terrible off colored pages, it was too big, pages tend to tear out and it had stuff that I didn't even use nor want but it saved me throughout the last two years of stress, having to deal with exams, projects, presentations, deadlines and clubs.  

This year for college (officially speaking) I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a binder style planner. It will not only saving me money from the ever buying planner (inserts are so much cheaper to buy) but it also allows me to customize my inserts to my liking. Plus who doesn't love that minimalistic, chic, pop of color of the planner (it's faux leather, hello). 

Now keep in mind that my Student Life Planner cost me between $10 - $15 (student discount) per academic year. One binder planner can run you up, as high as (no sh*t) $200. Now I don't know about you but unless they paying my tuition, that was not going to happen but I wanted something affordable and of a decent quality so the hunt was on.

I came across two brands that I like that had great reviews and were adorable: the Recollections brand and Webster's Pages. I ended up going with the Webster's because I found it for $2 less (yes, I like saving money) and they had it in a color that I could live with.

Why I didn't get it with any of the inserts? Simply because I wanted to make it my own without it being to generic to the others and customize my inserts to my liking plus it's cheaper to just buy the binder (again, I like saving money).

The packaging was on point! It was simplistic and beautiful. I'm loving it!

Pros and Cons 

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