23 Small Space Secrets Revealed

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These 23 smart ideas will allow you to maximize every square inch of your small space at home.

Extra Storage:

1. Get a shoe bench to save on space, keep your shoes organized and easily accessible and also add style to your room.

2. Get under bed storage to use up the dead space under your bed.

3. Install a head board storage for extra room.

4. Add a slide out pantry to add more space in your kitchen and to use up the dead space between your fridge.

5. Use an over the faucet shelf for extra storage for your toiletries in your bathroom or for sponge and brushes in your kitchen. 

6. Install ceiling hanging clothing rack to take advantage of your vertical space. This also draws the eyes up thus making your room look bigger than it is.

7. Make use of a ladder in dead spaces, like behind a door . This can be used to hang up throws, towel or jackets.

8. Use your seating as extra storage, instead of buying plain chairs or a sofa, go for something that serves as both sitting and storage.

9. If you don't have enough storage or counter space in your kitchen, consider getting a kitchen island on wheels.

Room Dividers:

10. Place your sofa against your bed to create a living area.

11. Place a curtain or a room divider around your bed. This will give your room tranquility and a nook-like feeling.

12. Install curtains to separate the kitchen area from the living area. This is perfect for studio apartments.

13. Re-purpose old windows to make a kitchen separator.

14. Use furniture pieces like a sofa, bookcase or console to mentally separate your space. This is perfect for studio apartment.

15. Use a piece of plywood or MDF to build a makeshift wall that you can place a desk against.

Space Savers:

16. Get a cabinet waste bin bracket, this will help keep your trash bin out of site and off the floor thus saving a floor space.

17. Use hanging lamps to save on table and floor space.

18. Consider using a book shelf instead of a table for both storage and table top use.

19. Go for sliding doors because they require less space than a swig out door.

20. If you don't have space for a cushion, use giant pillows on the floor to create sitting areas when you have guest.

21. Build a fold-out table that is molded to the wall for either a office or dinning area.

22. Use a corner dish rack to save on counter space.

23. Purchase a sofa bed for an extra bed for guest.

For more ideas on maximizing your small space then check out my new series, Small Space Series.

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