Guest Post: How to Prepare for a Housewarming Party

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Hello, my name is Katie Montang, author of Dream, Live and Love. I’m just a married woman, living in a large world called life. I live the same daily struggles as everyone else and love living in this crazy time. Come follow me and learn more about who I am through my writing.

Now that you’re all moved in, it’s time to celebrate with your family and friends, as well as get to know the new neighbors.

What’s the point of throwing a housewarming party?

It’s a way to make people feel welcome in your new home and a way to start your new life. Okay, and maybe to show off the new space you have with all your cool wedding items on display or the new items you’ve been wanting forever, but never had the space for. It’s okay if it’s not your dream home yet, it’s a new and exciting step!

Another reason for having a housewarming party is to give all your family and friends your new address. You got married, sent out Christmas cards last year, or whatever might have happened. Most people do not have your newest updated address and you’ll want your friends and family to have this for future holiday, invitations or gifts they might be sending your way!

When to have a housewarming party?

There is no right time to have a housewarming party; whenever you want it is the right time. Host the party at the first box unloaded off the moving truck or wait a few months until you have the house ready for show (let us not get carried away but waiting 3 years later to host a housewarming party).

How do you invite people?

There’s no need to overcomplicate this kind of party. Evites are wonderful and everyone loves being able to easily reply. And don’t worry about not knowing the neighbors yet- keep it casual, type up an informal party invite and tape it to their front door or leave it in their mailbox if possible. Your neighbors will greatly appreciate the invite and won’t be concerned with the fact that you didn’t make some fancy invitation.

One reason I like paper copies is to give people a paper copy of your new address. It’s harder to lose than an evite. Just keep in mind that this is the first time your guests will be to your new home. You will want to give good directions. Maybe send a map with good directions from a common intersection.

A few invitations I have fallen in love with:

What should you serve?

There is not a right answer for this. You can serve whatever you love! A few ideas might be:

  1. Burgers/Brats/Hotdogs – Keeping it simple!
    1. Buns
    2. Meat
    3. Chips
  2. Appetizer & Dessert Finger foods
    1. Fruit and Veggie Platter
    2. 7 Layer Mexican Dip

You don’t want to go overboard on the food, but you also (just like any other party) don’t want to run out. Having a variety allows for the different neighbors that you’ve never met before to find something they all like (let’s be honest, we’re all a little picky whether we admit it or not!). You want to accommodate for all your guests, but remember: this party is about you and your new home so make this fun and don’t stress about it.

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