How to Create a Dining Room Area Into Your Small Space

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You have a small space and you want a dining room but you think it's impossible. Think again! This is six (6) easy way to create a dinning room area in your small space.

Keep in mind that all these ideas are just that, ideas and not all may work for your space. So take the time to look at your surroundings, analysis it, see the vision of your target area and implement any one of these ideas that is fit for you. And also remember, think outside the box and have fun with space.

Narrow Dining Table

Takes up little space width wise and can be placed against a couch back or a wall.

Expandable Dining Table

This is perfect for persons who love to entertain but who doesn't want to buy a big dining table to take up too much space. It is important when shopping for an expandable table, to choose one that is versatile in different length and not just have the option of two or three sizes.

Double Surface Area

Turn your bar countertop into both a counter space and dining area. This will save you space instead of getting a dining table and also save you money.

Round Dining Table

It is capable of seating more people that most traditional rectangular table. It is perfect for tight corners and it is also perfect for the easy flow of conversation because everyone is facing each other.

Mounted Dining Table

It is inspiration from the murphy bed with it's similar engineering. This doesn't take up floor or air space when not in use and it folds flush onto the wall.

Folding Dining Table

Using a folding table is easy and can save on floor space because it can collapse and / or put away when not in use.  

For more ideas on maximizing your small space then check out my new series, Small Space Series.

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