Guest Post: Helpful tips for removing braid extensions

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1. Determine natural length
The first thing you should do is to cut the braid extensions off. Although it’s difficult to determine the length of your natural hair, you should know approximately where it starts. If you hesitate, experts at Midtown Hair Salon NYC recommend cutting one braid to check whether you were right. Arm yourself with patience and continue working with one braid at a time.

2. Start unbraiding your hair
Now it’s time to unbraid your hair! You can make your life much easier if add some spray to your locks; it can be a special braid spray or simple water-based conditioner. It is going to take a while, so ask your friend to join you. With some extra hands, you will finish much more quickly!

3. Remove tangles & knots
Once you’re done with unbraiding your hair, it’s time to proceed to the next step – detangling. Divide your locks into sections first and use your fingers to remove as many knots as possible. Now you can take a wide-tooth comb and detangle your locks more thoroughly. Pay special attention to your roots, which can feel weak and dull after extensions and be gentle!

4. Cleanse and moisturize
Even if you shampooed your hair with extensions in it, it would definitely need a major cleaning after removing the braids. Focus on your scalp when washing your hair and use gentle circular moves instead of harsh rubbing. Experts at Midtown Hair Salon NYC underline the importance of finishing the washing process with a deep conditioning treatment for making your hair feel richly hydrated and nourished.

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