Guest Post: Few Friendly Tips on Moving to a New City

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You never know where life will take you tomorrow. In two years’ time, you may be living on another continent, in 20 years you may be one of the first inhabitants on NASA’s Mars colony. However, at the moment, it might be too hard to think about something as simple as relocating to a new city. With so many things to keep in mind and so many loose ends to tie, it may seem as mission impossible. Still, there is no room for desperation. With these few friendly tips, you might make your move much easier to bear.

Inquire About the Place

Moving into a new neighbourhood can be terrifying enough, let alone going to a different city. One of the issues you will face will be the complete lack of answers on essential questions such as the cost of the living, good/bad neighbourhoods and the local job market. Even seemingly trivial things such as the cost of the vehicle registration, or the quality of local schools can play a huge part in what is to come. Of course, there are several ways you can find out about these things even from afar. The most reliable one would be to talk to someone who lives there in person, but in the age of the internet, even this may seem unnecessary.

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Finally, there are some cities that will literally pay you to come and live there, so it might be worth inquiring if your future home is on the list. These are mostly places that have hit the rough patch like Detroit or Michigan, but also places that have suffered due to steady population decline like Marquette and Kansas.

Be Fair to Your Previous Landlord

Sure, people don’t always separate under good conditions with their landlord, but it is your responsibility to leave the place as it was before you moved in. Make sure to thoroughly clean and depersonalize the space after you pack but, more importantly, make sure to handle all your unresolved issues. Cancel any subscriptions you may have and pay all the bills. Also, it might be a good idea to notify all your closest friends, in order to avoid them appearing on the next tenant’s doorstep. When you have finally resolved all of these issues, make sure to return all the key copies and notify your landlord if there are any that are not in your possession (an ex or maid service).

Packing Systematically

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One of the most important things of every move is packing, and people often tend to skip, misplace or forget particular items. In order to avoid this, it might be a good idea to have a packing system. For example, while you could pack items by their purpose or size, there are those who find it most convenient to pack things in boxes, according to the room they were in. Of course, this may cause a bit of a problem when unpacking. The layout in your new home might not be exactly the same. This can result in some of the items becoming redundant. In this situation, you could hire a mobile storage to place them in, until you figure out what to do with them.

Carry Some Money on You

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Last, but in no way the least important thing to remember when moving is to always have some money on you. Sure, you may have paid the moving services, the cleaners and the painters, but you never know what else may happen. Sometimes, you will have to hop to a store and get an essential cleaning item you forgot, or you might need some cash for some minor matters. For example, moving can make you hungry, so you may have to order fast food.

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None of these steps are rocket science. Still, without any help, it is questionable how many of them you would remember on your own. On the other hand, by starting with your plan-making in time, you might get to address a surprisingly great number of these important issues. As a final piece of advice, don’t make a decision to relocate lightly, since even with the best organized move, it is a lot of work and a great leap of faith.

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