Indoor Garden DIY: Hanging Mason Jar Planters

7:00:00 AM

These planters add a bit of a rustic touch to any space without spending or doing much. This is a great DIY decor piece for apartment renters, you get to spice up your space without upsetting the landlord. 

Materials needed:

  • Mini Mason Jars
  • Yarn/String
  • Robe Hooks
  • Super Glue
  • Small plant of your choose
  • Planting Pebbles

 Start by wrapping the yarn around the jar three times. Tie to secure then glue down the tie to ensure that the tie don't unravel.  Double tie the ends of the yarn then glue down to ensure that it too don't unravel. Let glue dry for about 10 minutes.

 Add your pebbles to the jar then your plants. Put your hooks then hang your planters up. 

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