How to Dress for Your Body Type?

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The easily way for a woman to identify her body type is to determine how her curves are joint to hips, bust and waist. There are 4 main body types and they are hourglass, rectangle, pear and apple. 

Hourglass Figure:

If you have an hourglass figure then your bust and hip measurements are equal and you have a narrow waist. When dressing for this body type, try to draw attention to your waist by accentuating your existing curves and wear a well supportive bra that makes your bust perky. V-neck tops and dresses are very flattering on big bust girls.

NB// If you don't want to draw attention to your bust, avoid wearing necklaces and bold colors and patterns up top.  

Rectangle figure:
If you have a rectangle (also know as a straight) figure then your waist and hip is about the same measurement. When dressing for this body type, try to avoid baggy jeans and tracks clothes if you do not want to look boyish, avoid dresses and tops that wraps your bust and waist for it will make your bust look small. Instead go for clothes that frills and ruffles to add volumes and textures to your figure, choose pants that are flared at the ends, this will add shape to your straight body hence adding volume. Mini skirts and shorts are a great way to show off your great legs. To create the illusion of a waist line wear dresses that pinches your mid-section. 

Pear Figure:

If you have a pear figure then your hips are much larger in measurement than your bust. When dressing for this body type  wear patterns that go across to give the illusion of a small frame, wear push up bras to add curves to your upper area.  

Apple Figure:

If you have an apple figure then your bust is a couple inches larger than your hip. When dressing for this body type draw attention away from your shoulders, arms and waist and draw attention to your bust. Wear a lot of long sleeves and V-necks and tops/dresses that drapes over your 'love handles'.


  • If you have any curves that are unwanted, hide them by enhancing another part of your body that is far away from that part or cover them up with dark sold colors. 
  • Wear bright colors and bold patterns to draw attention away from your problem areas.

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