35 Theme Party Ideas!

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I'm not really a party person but when the mood is in and the atmosphere is right, I know how to get down. And who don't like to let down their hair and let go once in a while? You can have a party just to say you did!

In case you where planning to have a party and you didn't have any theme I decided to write this post. Here is my (35) theme party ideas and of course there is a lot more. 

  1. BBQ Party
  2. Backyard Carnival
  3. Bake off Party
  4. Baking Party
  5. Build A Ice-Scream Party
  6. Campfire/Camping Party
  7. Caribbean Carnival Party
  8. Cook Off Party
  9. Cook Out
  10. Costume Party
  11. Christmas Tree Decorating Party
  12. DIY Party
  13. Dance Party
  14. Dessert Party
  15. Easter Hunt Party
  16. Fashion Show Party
  17. Foam Party
  18. Game Night Party (Broad games, etc)
  19. Game Night Party (Sports Waiting/Playing)
  20. Karaoke Party
  21. Living like Stars Party 
  22. Meteor Shower Party
  23. Murder Mystery Party
  24. Old Hollywood Glamour Party
  25. Paint Ball Party
  26. Picnic Party
  27. Pool Party
  28. Secret Santa Party 
  29. Slumber Party
  30. Spa Day Party
  31. Star Glazing Party
  32. Tea Party
  33. Truth or Dare?
  34. Water Party
  35. Yoga Party

For more theme ideas check out Party Plans
For a party checklist check out How to throw a shabby chic party theme?

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