How to Discover Your Fashion Style

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By discovering your own sense of style, you are discovering who you are. Whether you dress basic, crazy or edgy, if is your style, do you boo.

Steps in discovering your fashion style: 

  • Assess your wardrobe 
Figure out what you do and do not like that you already have. Pick articles that are flattering to to your figure and that compliments your skin tone, hair and eyes. Make a list of pieces you like with special cuts, designs, fabrics, colors and embellishments. 

  • Search for your inspiration
One of the ways in discovering your own fashion style is to find inspiration, whether it is from magazines, celebrities or from bloggers/Youtubers. It can even be from your friends or families. Try to determine what subculture(s) you like and incorporate that into you style and  find pieces that fit you figure and bring out your personality. 
For me personally, I get my style from celebrities like Zendaya and House of Margeaux and from blogger/Youtuber like Kim (This chic natural). A fun way to collect and store all your inspiration is on a inspiration broad.  

  • Asking for some assistance
For some people, they can't determine what body type they are, what color is flattering to them, what to and not to wear and ways how to put mix and match pieces to reflect them. Well let me tell you that is what professionals are there for, so don't be shy to ask. They will be able to assist you in getting inspiration and to see what is perfect for you.

After doing all of that then you know your fashion style and remember always be yourself, just because they are your fashion idles/inspiration doesn't mean you have to dress exactly like them. Your style is an outer shell of who you are, it expressive your personality so be creative.

My Inspirational Broad: 

Happy Styling!

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