How to Host a Thanksgiving Party?

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Thanksgiving is an annual holiday which celebrates giving thanks for the blessing of harvest and the acknowledgement of kindness. The feast was first celebrated by the Indians and Pilgrims in 1621. 

Hosting a Thanksgiving party doesn't have to be nerve wrecking and disorganized if you plan ahead. 

Tips and Tricks

1. Use your time wise

     - Plan your menu for the amount of guest you are having. 
     -Spread the word, invite all your guest.

2. Set Up!

     -Set your table the day before to save on time.
    -Mix and Match to give a funky and unique look. 

3. Pre-prep 

     -Chop and cut up, it all either the night before or in the morning. 


I know must of us are all use to just calling over our guest but these year go fancy and funky with invitation- whether hand delivered, mailed or e-mailed. Your invitation could be made by your kids, designed by you or bought, whatever you do just make sure it goes with your theme. 

To really add that dramatic effect when your guest walk into your hosting room is to keep the surrounding simple and the dinning or buffet table decorative. Don't be scary to add collective and unique elements that will compliment and enhance your food-don't draw attention way from food. Be adventure in your style and work with what you have. 

For the kid's table instead of using table cloth that would likely get stained, plus where is the fun in table cloth when you can have craft paper...

Make kid's table fun with simple decor pieces that can't be swallowed, non -toxic crayons and fun puzzles on the craft paper.


One tradition that I love is when everyone in the room share what they are thankful for. This holiday is a day of reflecting on all the good in life and being thankful. 
Another activity is watching a thanksgiving movie after dinner or during dessert time. 

Party Favors

Sending your guest home with a personalized gift is a great way to end your party. It will both be thoughtful for you and you guest will be thankful for this. 

Happy Gobble Gobble!

Printable Party Planner Checklist

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