Know When Your Cat is Sick

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There are so many benefits of being a cat owner that it is worth keeping them healthy and happy. Cat are great companions to have, cats are said to lower stress levels with in return is good for your heart health and their purring it both soothing and relaxing.

Signs your little feline is sick:

  • A sticky breathe which could mean that your cat has a tooth decay or gum disease.
  • A sudden increase or decrease in activity levels may indicate that there is an overactive thyroid or arthritis . 
  • A change in behavior which could be hiding or hissing.
  • A change in routine each is a result of stress-induced behavior
  • A change in verbal behavior, that is a normally quiet cat becomes chatty and vice versa.
  • A change in appetite, whether eating to much or little may signify a disease or illness.  
  • A change in coat, that is the coat is too greasy or dull may indicate in skin disease. 
  • A dramatic change in weight may indicate that your cat could have cancer or thyroid disease. 
  • Doing business outside their litter box could indicate a disease.
  • A change in sleep pattern can indicate something is wrong.

Special Thanks to Dr.Foo, even though retired, you know your stuff!!

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