Christmas Q&A

7:00:00 AM

1- What is your favorite Christmas scent?

My favorite is Cinnamon and Ginger Bread man.

2- Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

I seek and open them Christmas Eve or I try to guess what is in them but I "Officially" open them Christmas morning.   

3- Have you ever had a White Christmas

Kind of saw snow last year when I was in Philli

4- Favorite Festive Food

Definitely Coconut Christmas Cookies and Christmas Pudding.
5- Do you prefer giving or receiving presents?

Lets be real, what is better that giving?....receiving. Don't get me, I like giving but I love receiving!

6- Favorite Christmas Film?

Elf, Four Christmases and Polar Express

7-What tops your tree?

The brightest LED star light that sings.

8- Christmas Wardrobe Essentials?

Fluffy knee high Christmas socks and the Christmas sweater.

9- Where do you dream of visiting over Christmas?

Call  me crazy but I would love to visit the North Pole...Santa here I come.

10- Best part of Christmas?

Spending time with the family and the food!

11(bonus)- What you dislike about Christmas?

I hate removing the decorations from the Christmas tree. Every year a new package of Christmas ornaments are bought and best believe every one of them goes on the tree, so all you see it would be lucky to see a branch!

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