The Truth About Wearing Heels

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For years heels have been apart of women's fashion. Most women love it and can't live without it, while others can't stand it. But the truth about the effects of heels on our feet isn't pretty. We are doing more harm then good.

Many females who wears heels develop feet problem and pain. Heels can cause torn ligaments and stress fractures.

1. The EXTRA inch makes a difference!

With every inch that you add to your heels, the more your toes are being crammed into the point of the shoe. This will develop into corns, hammertoe, bunions, permanent nerve damage and poor circulation in the foot.

2. Do you FEEL off balance?

By wearing heels, your body is forced to try to keep you balanced and upright by bending the hips and spin forward and causing tension in the hips, leg muscles and back. Excessive pressure is then placed on the balls of your feet and your knees.

3. Don't you go RUNNING in those heels!

Running in heels like to catch a cab or to catch up with someone, will give you arthritis pain or permanent arthritis. This puts a strain on your knees because it increases the lateral movement. So your knees are working twice as much than usual.

4. What are you REALLY doing to your spin?

Heels knock our backs out of alignment which in result leads to cramping, tingling and chronic lower back pain. When we walk, our bodies natural sits in a S shape to absorb the shock waves thus reducing the shocks to our body. But heels causes the spin to go forward which decreases the body's ability to absorb the shock of walking.

Ways to reduce heel damage:

  • Wear insoles with your heels to help with absorbing shock when walking.
  • Do yoga stretching for your foot and calves everyday.
  • Limit your heel high to no more then 2 inches.
  • If you do wear heels higher than 2 inches, wear a thick heel to help distribute your weight more evenly.

After knowing all of this, will you stop wearing heels? I think not...

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